Saturday, September 22, 2012

Carnival Band Virgin/Whore....

Serious talk people...142 more days to Trini Carnival and this dougla is not registered in any band. Usually around this time I am registered or I have a pretty good idea who I want to be registered with.  Out of all the bands who have launched so far, I am mostly drawn to K2K's Skeptic (see pic below). I was convinced that this was MY costume for 2013, until the prices were released...There was no better response than the effective Jamaican phrase, RAS KLAAT!!!!!. Which was immediately followed by BUMBO KLAAT, when realizing that these were the prices of the Frontline-but-really-backline costumes.

Now this wouldn't be a shock if K2K wasn't such a disappointment on the road this year. After I didn't get the advertised wings for my costume, the ridiculous late start on Tuesday, no security, being stuck in the same position for most of the day and just the general poor road management, I find it hard to hand over US$1000 to them with no guarantee that this mess will be fixed next year. So basically I don't know what to do. Even though they are promising to fix these  problems, do I just invest US$1000 with a hope that all will be well???

And don't ask me about playing another band...I just can't do the band virgin thing again.  There are only so many times you can call yourself a virgin and at some point,  the virgin becomes a whore, which can be tiring....


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. I am a carnival virgin, who has been planning my carnival 2K13 experience - but i'm finding it hard to pick a band - especially when you're handing over money equivalent to an Iphone 5 and hoping that you won't have a bad experience (horrific lines for costume collection, poor security on the road, etc)

  2. Love that last line 'the virgin becomes a whore, which can be tiring.' LOL
    I play with who I know I love my Carnival too much to experiment with newbies.