Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Me and my Crew

I've always played mas with crew...I even remember the 1st time I played, one of the most important aspects was getting a crew together to decide to play in the same section. That year, it was pretty unanimous that Unity was our section of choice in the now defunct Legacy. For a couple years Poison then became our band of choice, even with some of the crew opting for different sections Being with these girls made the experience a lot more fun...Some of my closest friends today came out of these mas crews.

Today, I can safely say that there's no crew...Some became die hard Tribers, some have abandoned playing mas together, and some have gained new priorities. There are a few people I consult about band or section choice but I found that they have lost the zeal. The high cost of costumes and the rush to make a decision have deterred some of my crew. My first year with Spice reunited me with some of the crew and we had a blast...but by the second year, the cost became a problem and I was alone but I had fun. This year the crew from Spice is silent although they have voiced that they were very disappointed in Spice's costumes but no alternative have been proposed....So my crew may be reduced to 2 next year and the bf.

A crew is important but never depend on them to have a great can even consider meeting new crew members.....

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