Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bliss Carnival 2011!

So I'm finally registered in BLISS....I can't believe that I've abandoned my "spicequeraders"...but sometimes you have to go where your wallet leads. It's cheaper for me to play with Bliss and I really love the Titans costume more than any costume in Spice. I also don't mind giving a new band a chance to see what they have to offer....

Bliss has a very non traditional process for costume registration that worked well for me especially since I'm not in Trinidad. They asked that you send them an e-mail indicating your top 3 costume choices and your measurements. A week later a response is sent with online payment guidelines. Two days, after payment online, a receipt with your downpayment, sizes etc. is sent.

The second option in true Tribe style, is to register through a committee member. Once this person provides Bliss with your registration information and e-mail, they will send you the information about online payment. I also heard that they did have unadvertised registration at the Carlton Savannah hotel in September. I know I've said many times that I will not play in Tribe again because I'm not into the rush and fight down and line up to get into the band and if you do, it's you and thousands of people, hundreds of trucks pack up tight tight on Carnival Monday and Tuesday...I not in dat! But Bliss' registration was pretty easy and their website even shows that Caprica is still available (another one of my fave costumes). The band is also quite small and promises an intimate experience....I'm all for this! So Same Vibe different Tribe!

A couple of weeks ago, Bliss sent me an e-mail with specific requests for measurements so it seems that it's more that a small/medium/large/xlarge standard fit but they want to ensure that the costume fits well. I was unable to respond then because I need to purchase a measuring tape....You know things are bad when the only measuring tape you have in your house can't make it around your hips......