Monday, April 21, 2014

Jamaica Carnival: Red Conquest Review

Red Conquest
April 4, 2014
Mas Camp
JMD$3000 (vip)

Red Conquest was the only night I've been to Mas Camp this season.  It was strategic for Bacchanal to leave this night up to Island Vibes who made sure that there wasn't the typical mas camp feel.  The music from Richie R.A.S and Nuphoric from Trinidad did not consider the typical mas camp 12 songs which was a huge relief, not only for me but for a lot of the non regulars as well.

I'm glad that I opted for the VIP which included drinks and food.  I like that the VIP area was set up like a fete within a fete and not just a cordoned off area. I had no problem obtaining drinks directly from the bar or from the assigned servers throughout the night.

The highlight for me was Skinny Fabulous' performance.  It is difficult for a performer without a band to command a huge venue such as mas camp, but I think Skinny did well.  The crowd reception, however was lukewarm mainly because his songs are not as popular among the mas camp crowd when compared to Destra's offerings.  I will leave my comments on Jamaica's love affair with Destra for another post...

Skinny Fabulous
Photo Credit: Bacchanal Jamaica's facebook page

I've said many times that Bacchanal is out of touch with what's happening in the contemporary soca scene in Jamaica.  The problem is that they have a huge following who are content with their current offerings and not really open to a non-palance. On the other hand, there's a group of soca lovers who are fed up of the same ole at mas camp and want something more which is what we had on the night of Red Conquest.

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