Monday, September 5, 2011

Dear Mas....

Dear Mas,

I know that we've had a longstanding commitment but I'm afraid that I may have to bow out next year. You see it has been difficult to acquire a costume for various reasons. I am not friends with anyone who sits on a band committee so I was unable to engage in committee member registration. I don't know if it's the same as preregistration but I was also unable to do that since I don't know any very important persons who run a band.

I was really feeling Fantasy's costumes but apparently the band has sold out even though they have not opened for public registration. After people started getting anxiety attacks over Fantasy's registration, they shut down the wall on their FB page and have been silent on twitter. Even if Fantasy had costumes remaining, they only offer corsets option for 3 sections; 2 of which I've been told are sold out and the remaining section may not have an available Frontline. Now Mas, you know I love you but all mas is not equal and my belly needs to be covered and sucked in.

After Island People Mas' mess of a band launch, they did a remarkable change after consulting their masqueraders and presented something that looks really interesting. I have one die hard IP friend who suggested that I give the band another chance and at least I'll know 1 person. However, I contacted IP who to my disappointment, only has corsets for Ki and Elements, which I wouldn't wear.

I would know a lot of people if I were to play in YUMA but it's the same drama with committee member registration and past masquerader registration yada yada. I am so not into the big band drama and I know that YUMA will be packed up tight tight since everybody and their tantie will be in this band. Furthermore, these people have the audacity to charge an additional TT$650 for a corset and hear the best part- you have to bring your own corset...what de ass YUMA! So mas, do you understand my predicament?

I know there are other bands such as Spice, Explosion and Oasis but it would be nice to play with 1 or 2 people you know....Since we are on the topic of Explosion; have you seen what this band has done to you? Their costumes are all about breasts and bamsee (the pic is from Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Costume Photos). I am one person who can't wait to see the death of the cage bra. I just can't stand to see all the boob fat squeezing through those wires but big up to all de girls who rock the cage bra!

So that's my dilemma and I hope to figure this out by September or you won't see me in 2012...


A Masquerader with no Costume.

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