Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Heroes will Fall...

All yuh see that Island People mess??? At first I attributed the disaster to my stream and may be I had to be there in person to adequately assess these costumes. But then I saw the comments on FB. I don't think I have ever seen persons rip apart a carnival band with such passion.

Island People has always presented a more creative spin to the beads and bikini genre even though their service may not be the best. But something went very worng with their interpretation of Heroes last weekend. For the majority of costumes the colour combination was wrong, the spandex leggings were questionable and those capes were a hell no.

But all was not bad. I did like Scarlet (the red) and Oya (white) and Wildheart (brown and yellow) was okay. You could see the pics on their FB page.

What makes this even more interesting is that Island People is willing to go back to the drawing board and make some adjustments. They have even asked persons to provide feedback on their FB page. I don't know if a carnival band has ever done this before but I find it pretty cool. Even though I know that most of the people who comment have never played or intend to play with Island People, the critiques are basically the same.

I don't think Island People masqueraders should be so quick to abandon ship; give the designers a chance. You already know what the road experience is like. I've never heard of committee registration, pre registration of loyalty card in IP so don't fight to be in bands that have these requirements...

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