Friday, September 24, 2010

The Frontline Wallet

YUMA's Taurus is one of my all time fave Frontline costumes. It really does epitomize the fabulousness that a FL costume should portray: the large plume feathers, a sensible and attractive mix of colors and a non traditional bikini top. A FL costume should also provide distinctive details on the belt, headpiece, as well as on the neck, arm and leg pieces that sets it apart from the Backline version.... It shouldn't look like the BL costume with more feathers. If you opted for this FL, I hope that you got all of the pieces; I don't think I would like it without the backpack. However it would set you back TT$4790+ TT$1200 (for the backpack). As I told a friend...if yuh want Frontline costume, yuh betta have Frontline wallet!....

1 comment:

  1. Ha HA! Frontline wallet freal dread. I was checking out YUMA's stuff on their website, and I loved the aquarias and leo. But yeah taurus really took the cake with this one and the feathers and scenes, gorgeous. Except that bum-bum string thing they have, not cool O_O Lol, I think they have like options for it though. But yeah, it's gorgeous!